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We are a manufacturer of unique wholesale African Batik clothing we offer quality and a one of a kind apparel, check us out.
Yidella is a retail and wholesale online marketplace, selling the very best of contemporary African inspired fashion. We supply wholesale, retail, and custom-made African batik textiles and clothing for boutiques, online shops, fashion shows, cultural festivals, family reunions, school parties, popup shops, events, or non-profit organizations. Yidella is a Fair-Trade company and works closely with our artisan partners to ensure that all our items are produced in ethical, fair labor, and child labor free work environments.
If there is anything else that you or your customers need, and you can’t find it in our product categories; we hope you will tell us. Some of the best new ideas have come from other customers like you. By working together, we all have more of what our customers are wanting most. We hold your business in high regard and as such, we carefully screen and approve Wholesale Account request. This allows us to grow and create products that create the best opportunity to succeed for both our business and yours.
Please contact us and we can discuss providing you a wholesale ACCOUNT for your orders. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience and do not forget to sign up for our informative newsletters with specials and returning customer deals. We appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you soon.


Yidella will make every attempt to accommodate paid sample requests for interested wholesale and distributors. Paid Samples will be sent to the potential wholesale customers at the sole discretion. The sample’s prices are not the same as the original product price or wholesale prices. After samples are made, when customer order wholesale there will deduction or discount is given based on the cost of the samples previously made.
Sales that are running on do not apply to wholesale prices; this includes coupons, promotions, gift vouchers, etc. Any wholesale discounts will be communicated by email.


Yidella offers wholesale purchase options, based on volume. Once you establish your account at a certain level, you may change your wholesale account level by making the minimum initial order at the level required for the desired wholesale account. All subsequent orders must then match the minimum reorder for that level. The minimum product order by category is 10. The product categories include but not limited to Men’s and Women’s clothing,fabrics.
The minimum original order is $500.00 and must be paid to the yidella by the customer. Yidella accepts Visa/MasterCard and PayPal as acceptable credit cards for initial orders. For credit card purchases, 100% of the purchase price will be billed at time of order. Orders generally will be shipped within (10) days of purchase depending on the quantity. If more lead time is needed, the Customer will be notified within 2 days.
NB: The above minimum order requirement is excluding shipping costs.


Yidella is an online marketplace for African Fashion clothing with a special focus on handmade batiks . Many items in our store (because they are made special for you or custom made) can take up to 10 working days to ship. Items can also ship from different places. Please allow between 7 and 14 days for an item to ship and arrival.
Items can be sent from various couriers, depending on the designer. This includes Post, EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, etc. Please do check product details for delivery information before making your purchase.
Customers are responsible for paying local fees for taxes and customs duties.


ALL wholesale account payments will be subject to a “waiting” period to verify the clearance of the funds before any shipment will be made. After the funds have been properly verified as released and deposited to our accounts shipment of requested products will be sent. The typical delay is between 1 week for funds to clear. We accept any of the following methods of payment for our wholesale accounts:
We accept a number of secure and convenient payment methods:
1.     PayPal: The most popular online payment method. We are fully PayPal verified so you can always shop with peace of mind.
2.    Credit Card: Buyers can pay securely by credit card via PayPal.


  • Our prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.
  • Being accepted as a wholesaler does not bind you or Yidella to a contractual period of time. ALL accounts are established on the basis of “while approved” terms.
  • You agree to fully authorize Yidella to use any and all graphics, public contact info, signage, publication, marketing materials, owner information, etc. related to your business for the purposes of advertising, marketing, directing, or promoting business.
  • You agree to authorize Yidella to include your location in our online listings of available retail locations supplying our product(s) if we choose to do so.


1. Choose your Style

Choose your style or provide us with images of your styles and give us
your mesurement with the quantity by sizes.

2. Choose you fabrics

Yidella provide variety of fabrics. Select your African Adirebatik print on the catalogue. We can also select fabric on your behalf.

3. Checkout & Delivery

After the process are completed we send you invoice for payment, and your order will be processed.
Once your orders is completed we send for delivery